First ATM with face recognition system in china

ATMs have until recently been issuing money only after entering a PIN. For some time already in use are much more modern machines with a biometric system that recognize the customer after a fingerprint. China still has more advanced technology and started to operate there the world’s first machine that recognizes the customer on the face.

The new type of cash dispenser was developed jointly by engineers from Tsinghua University and technology company Tzekwan. For now, only a demonstration unit is available, presenting the capabilities of the new system. But Tzekwan promises that commercial versions will be coming soon.

The customer arriving at the cash dispenser is observed by a camera placed above the screen that scans his or her face and compares it to the image stored in memory. The system compares the biological characteristics of the user, such as the distance between the eyes, nose and mouth, and determines whether he or she is the legitimate owner of the account. Importantly, glasses and other hairstyles do not affect readability.

However, we do not know how data will be collected, ie facial images, but this may require consent for facial scans when setting up a bank account.

Another Exynos with its own Samsung cores

Every next generation of mobile devices offers its users more power, and comes primarily from mainstream processors. Many smartphone manufacturers buy them from external vendors, but some rely on their own hardware. This is what Samsung is doing, which is planning further work on the development of Exynos chips.

The resignation of the installation of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Snapdragon 810 processor went out to Samsung for good. His own Exynos 7420, which was on board the new flagship of the Korean concern, proved to be the most efficient chip on the market, leaving rivals far behind.

But Samsung is not enough and, according to the latest reports, the next-generation 2.3 GHz Mongoose working system, instead of the standard Cortex-A72 cores, is going to be developed by its own engineers. They say they are very efficient when the rumors are that a test using one Geekbench benchmark has shown remarkable performance. The processor scored 2200 points, about 45 percent more than the current chip.

But before we start to get excited about the forthcoming arrangement, I have to point out that all these rumors are just gossip. But if there is a grain of truth in it, then Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 will receive new processors entirely manufactured by Samsung.…

Indiegogo defends himself against cheaters

Crowfunding platforms are increasingly being used by all sorts of scammers who are disappearing with customers’ money. Indiegogo has therefore decided to make changes to its regulations, which aim to reduce the risk of fraud.

Where there are big money, there are also cheaters there who try to trick them with various tricks. More and more people are being targeted by people supporting projects on crowfunding platforms. In spite of the many protections, criminals are able to trick people into paying for non-existent projects and then disappear with accumulated funds.

Indiegogo, which increasingly has to deal with such cases, decided once again to make changes to the rules, hoping to limit such actions.

The changes are quite substantial and they introduce a lot of new responsibilities for the authors of the projects. At this time, the creator of the campaign must have the same place of residence, either in the same place or at the premises where the new equipment is being developed. He also needs to update his progress information much more frequently and will not be able to start a new campaign if the previous one has not finished yet.

In addition to these changes, Indiegogo also announces cooperation with outside companies if it turns out that the campaign owner did not provide the customer with the promised product and ran out of money. This will make it easier for him to be held accountable.…

DRAM memory prices are getting lower

If anyone is planning to make a new computer, he will surely be pleased with the ever increasing price drop in DRAM modules. This is not only due to weak demand, but also to streamlining the production process and increasing the capacity of the factories, which may mean that prices will continue to fall.

Nomura Equity Research analysts believe that we can expect further drops in memory modules as warehouse inventories are increasing, while demand is currently not high. Currently, the contract price for the 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz module is about $ 2.75, and the 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM costs $ 24.5 and is $ 3 lower than May this year.

In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that memory manufacturers are switching to 20 nm manufacturing, which results in even lower cost of module production. The new process has already gone through Samsung, but other companies are also planning to follow in the footsteps of the South Korean giant, which will allow them to lower the price of their products.

Another issue is the increase in production capacity of Asian factories. The Hwaseong line-17 production line, which is based in Samsung, is able to produce 80,000 nm of silicon wafers each month, with as much as 60,000 dedicated to computer memory.

Hynix, on the other hand, plans to start producing 300,000 nm of wafers per month in the third or fourth quarter of this year. Micron is only turning to 20nm technology and will soon begin production, which will further increase the availability of modules and will further reduce their prices.…

A new way of detecting the flu

Professor Perena Goum of the University of Texas, has developed an innovative disease detection tool. The device works like a breathalyzer, but instead of percentages, it detects viruses.

Winter is a period of increased influenza illness. In such cases it is especially important to quickly detect the disease, because it can have very different symptoms and it is not always immediately clear what is going on. In the near future, in such cases we will be able to help with the latest technology developed at the Faculty of Materials Science at the University of Texas.

Perena Gouma, a professor working there, has developed a breath analyzer that is designed to detect pathogenic viruses. The device works similarly to the breathalyzer, detecting the influenza virus.

The device uses relatively inexpensive sensors that detect specific disease markers in a patient’s breath.

It is also quite inexpensive in production, and at the same time quite effective, so soon it can become the basic equipment of every doctor’s office.…

Uppleva! Here is a TV with IKEI

Although IKEA stores are mostly associated with furniture, you can find hundreds of other things, such as hot dogs that cost a penny. The company will soon expand its range of products with a completely new industry, this time closely related to the interior design. IKEA will start selling TVs, but very original, not available in any other store.

The product called “Uppleva” (meaning Swedish in “experience”) can be called both a piece of furniture and a TV. It is nothing but Smart TV integrated with a table that can be incorporated into the living room furniture.

The chest of drawers holds the Blu-ray player, but also provides room for a second device, such as a cable TV decoder or receiver. There are also two satellite speakers inside, and the subwoofer is a separate module and can be set anywhere. Because there is wireless, there will be no mess in the room. It should be noted that the Uppleva was created just to eliminate the tangle of cables surrounding almost any non-integrated home theater. In addition, all functions of the TV and Blu-ray player are handled with just one remote control.

The receiver itself will have a set of audio inputs and outputs, and allow you to connect various external devices. On the side panel there will be four HDMI ports, two USB, and an iPod connector. For wireless connectivity will be a Wi-Fi module, but also a traditional radio (FM) receiver.The display will have a Full HD resolution (1080p) and a size of at least 24 “. For now it is not known exactly what will be prepared, but it is certain that there will be several of them.…

Amazon is challenging eBay

Amazon, which has been selling electronics for some time now, now extends this branch of business. The company launches a new market called Sell as Individual, which is to compete for auction sites and bulletin boards.

Not everyone can afford to buy new things, so it is so popular to have auction sites and classifieds sites where you can buy a variety of second hand products.

One of the most popular places to get rid of unnecessary stuff is us, eBay auction site and Olx notice board, but soon there will be another soon. The Indian subsidiary of the US Amazon group has launched a new Sell as Individual service in India as part of its pilot program.

The service is currently only available in Bangalore but plans to extend it to other Indian cities as well. The service allows you to sell used items to anyone who has at home some unnecessary items. Amazon is fully involved in the transaction. So it is enough that the owner submits a list of goods that are on sale, and the company employees visit him at home, will receive from him what he wants to sell. They will also pack and deliver products to the buyer.…

Folding wind turbines will facilitate the production of electricity

The US Department of Energy has recently introduced a plan that says that by 2030, about 20 percent of the energy needs of the United States will be supplied by wind power. The plan is undoubtedly very ambitious, but thanks to the efforts of scientists from Sandia National Laboratories, its implementation is quite possible.

Wind farms are currently one of the most efficient methods of producing electricity. The problem is that windmills are not very popular with the public because they occupy a lot of land, spat landscapes, and do not always blow enough wind to produce energy. That is why it is increasingly installed in the ocean just near the coast, where the wind is stronger and more stable. However, this solution is much more expensive, so its efficiency is falling significantly.

Sandia National Laboratories has developed a technology that can change that. Engineers have created a completely new 195-meter turbine blades for two football pitches that will be able to produce as much as 50 megawatts of power. This way one colossus can produce enough energy to feed 10,000. So a wind farm consisting of several dozen turbines could supply a large city with energy.

The special blade design, unlike conventional windmills, allows them to move with the wind so they do not have to be so tough, which in turn reduces their weight. In addition, the shovels can fold in the direction of the wind, and this greatly reduces the risk of damaging them in the event of strong winds.…

Predict the winner of the Mars race

In a few years NASA wants to send a manned mission to Mars. The US space agency is not the only company to have such a plan, so bookmakers from Las Vegas have decided to accept bets on the first person to deliver a man to the surface of the Red Planet.

In the United States, you can assume almost everything, including who will become president. So it is not a big surprise that bookmakers from Las Vegas, the world’s capital of gambling, have begun accepting bets on the expedition to Mars. Anyone willing to bet on one of the few candidates and make good money on it, as long as his chosen one can get there first.

The biggest chance for victory in this race is SpaceX consortium, whose bets are 5 to 1. The height of the win after placing on NASA is in turn 80 to 1, because the bookmakers believe that the private SpaceX consortium, whose president is himself Elon Musk, has motivations and money that others lack. NASA may have the expertise and expertise to perform such missions, but money plays an important role here, and the agency has significantly cut budgets recently.

You can also assume that Europe or China will send the first man to the Red Planet. Bets here are 100 to 1 and 300 to 1 respectively. The best chance is Russia, which is 60 to 1.

Interestingly, the bookmakers also believe that the Mars One initiative, one of the most controversial and questionable projects, is more likely to be successful than NASA because the bets in this case are 15 to 1.…

Internet browser for TVs

Hillcrest Labs has developed a special television web browser called Kylo. The application was created specifically to view web pages on large TVs, and there are many features that make it easier to use, such as on-screen keyboards and customized fonts and icons.

Many people use their computer as a home entertainment center by connecting it to their computers and watching movies or surfing the web. Traditional web browsers do the job perfectly when used on computer monitors, but slightly worse if the monitor is replaced by a TV.

That’s why Hillcrest Labs has developed Kylo, ​​a dedicated web browser, just to browse web pages on large TVs. The application provides a comfortable distance view and additionally has a customizable font, cursor and icon size to maximize the visible surface while eliminating all task bars, buttons, and indicators.

The user has a variety of options, the ability to zoom in and out of the picture, easy selection of selected items, and even a screen keyboard to eliminate the physical keyboard. Of course, if someone is attached to it, can still use it, because the application is compatible with both the keyboard and the mouse.

Kylo browser is fully free.…